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Staff Spotlight: Working with Families

Brenda Sandoval


Meet Brenda Sandoval, Parent Involvement Coordinator
Brenda embodies the “working together” spirit of our mission

What are your responsibilities? I coordinate training and workshops for families in St. Anne’s early childhood programs. I recruit new community partners to provide workshops for parents. For example, we provide nutrition sessions, parenting curriculum, and transition-to-kindergarten workshops. Also, I coordinate monthly parent meetings, which include training on health, child abuse prevention and more topics. And I oversee all the parent volunteers.
What do you like best about your job? Working one-on-one with families. Also, I love that I’m able to work in all the content areas: health, nutrition, disabilities, family health. And at the beginning of the year, I love to tell nervous families that they will really enjoy the Early Learning Center. I love to see the parents grow during the year.
What is the best day you’ve had working at St. Anne’s? Any day a parent comes to me and says, thanks to this workshop or this information, I have been successful in advocating for my child and getting a positive outcome.
What do you look forward to accomplishing in the future? I was recently trained to be a trainer for the Family Development Credential Program. I will be sharing my experience with other frontline staff, like family advocates and home visitors, who are starting out. I’m excited to be part of this program.
Have you had an occasion to apply your St. Anne’s expertise in your life? My cousin lost custody of her three girls. No one in the family could take them. I thought I didn’t have the ability to take care of them, but my husband and I figured it out. We were one year into our marriage. We fostered the girls for a year. I encouraged my cousin to do what she needed to do to get her girls back. The girls went back to their mom, but I still have a special relationship with them.
What does St. Anne’s mean to you? Opportunities for parents to grow. Giving families a boost.



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