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CFO, Chief Financial Officer


Develop, maintain and supervise all functions of onsite accounting and reporting, budget development and management, financial grants and contracts management and financial planning.  To accomplish these duties, utilize administrative software packages to analyze, prepare and communicate financial information. Supervise, manage and maintain budget control, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, internal fiscal systems and policies and procedures; audit preparation, cash management, and serve as liaison to other departments on fiscal matters.  Solve problems in a thorough and traceable manner, challenge assumptions and interpret results and effectively communicate results to others. Serve as staff liaison to Board Finance and Pension Committee. This position oversees Maintenance, Housekeeping and Information Technology Departments.



Accounting and Financial Reporting

  1. Review accounting transactions, monthly financial statements and review financial data and reports.
  2. Stay current on accounting standards, procedures and systems and make appropriate financial decisions within that framework; advise President and CEO and Finance Committee on any changes in accounting standards, procedures and controls which may impact business practices.
  3. Work with controller in preparing monthly financial statements and reports including balance sheet, income statements, expenditure report and comparison of budget versus actual expenditures, cash flow and revenue for cost centers and overall organization.
  4. Oversee the preparation of monthly billing for third party, contracted services and grants; reconcile monthly grant revenues and expenses with supporting documentation according to all local, state and federal regulations.
  5. Reconcile monthly ledger reports with supporting documentation for all cost centers and grants; provide monthly summary on grant and departmental performance.
  6. Design and monitor procedures to safeguard assets, maximize operating results, ensure integrity of financial data and communicate complex financial information.
  7. Effectively utilize and monitor financial systems to ensure quality data and report generation utilizing data.
  8. Develop and oversee check writing internal checks and balances to ensure the integrity and appropriate use of organizational funds.
  9. Report any financial discrepancies to the President and CEO and Finance Committee.
  10. Ensure appropriate fiscal systems in place for financial grant management, including maintenance of all necessary fiscal records, preparation of monthly invoices and other necessary reports.
  11. Implement systems for the fiscal oversight of the Food Services Department to ensure financial viability.
  12. Maintain appropriate control systems for supply expense; ordering supplies and coordinating direct purchases for organization.


Budget Development and Monitoring

  1. In conjunction with President and CEO, prepare annual revenue, expenditure and capital budgets.
  2. Oversee, review and monitor annual budget on an ongoing basis.
  3. Judge the reasonableness of data, document significant variances and summarize the budget materials for Executive review.
  4. During the budget preparation period, assist Department Heads with the development of financial proformas, and annual operating and new program budgets; monitor budgets for performance to actual.
  5. Assume primary responsibility for audit preparation, review and completion.
  6. Question significant variances and communicate the results to the President and CEO and the Finance Committee.


Long Range Planning

  1. Participate in the organization’s long range financial planning process.
  2. Prepare projected financial statements for each department; specifically, balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow.
  3. Design, develop and maintain financial models for projecting fiscal year end financial performance for all grants and cost centers to document financial plans and allow for periodic update.
  4. Prepare monthly department summary reports on all financial activity, including grants, operating budgets, capital budgets and outstanding receivables.
  5. Participate in ad hoc projects which analyze trends to aid Executive leadership with operating decisions.
  6. Participate as a member of the President and CEO’s Senior Management Team in developing short- and long-term plans for the organization, responding to ongoing management issues and monitoring of organizations progress.
  7. Prepare rate applications for government agencies and all related record keeping.
  8. Serve as lead staff person to the Finance Committee.


Information Technology

  1. Management and oversight of all IT staff, consultants and vendors.
  2. Provide oversight of the agency’s strategic plan for future technology needs.
  3. Offer IT staff support to help remediate issues resulting from technology and infrastructures interruptions.
  4. Facilitate professional development opportunities for IT staff members.


Facility and Maintenance

  1. Oversee and support the Facility Manager and Lead Technician to ensure a presentable and safe environment for all buildings on campus and sites in the community.
  2. Provide strategic guidance to ensure the long term planning exist to replace building systems.
  3. Ensure training and professional development opportunities are available to the staff.
  4. Provide oversight of renovations and new construction projects for the agency.


Conference Center

  1. Oversee and support the conference center and cafeteria staff with all food preparation and delivery of meals.
  2. Support conference center in its capacity of renting out space for external events.




  1. Bachelor’s degree required in accounting, finance or economics, MBA, CMA or CPA preferred; must have working knowledge of theory and application of general accounting methods.
  2. Minimum of five years senior management experience.
  3. Proven expertise in financial and accounting systems within non-profit facility.
  4. Demonstrated experience in overseeing, supervising and managing technically diverse finance department.
  5. Strong written, oral and communication skills and ability to make oral and written presentation to business sophisticated Board of Directors.
  6. Working knowledge of large scale financial accounting and reporting systems and personal computer software packages that include spreadsheet, word processing, graphic and data base management.
  7. Ability to receive and implement constructive feedback.
  8. St. Anne’s values the dignity and worth of every person we serve. Employees are expected to support children’s emotional and social development by encouraging understanding of others and promoting positive self-concepts. All employees must have the ability to treat those served by our agency in a caring and respectful manner, mindful of individual differences and cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity.
  9. As providers of social services, St. Anne’s employees work with clients dealing with complex emotional and mental health issues, many of whom are facing significant personal crises on a daily basis.  Employees must remain aware of any personal emotions, transference, and/or countertransference that may hinder the ability to remain professional.  As such, employees are expected to maintain composure during all interactions and crisis situations, implement a self-care plan, and utilize crisis communication to deescalate client crisis and prevent any serious bodily injury or harm.


Internal Candidates (who have been in their current position for at least six months) may submit a Transfer Request Form to Human Resources.

Standard Mail
St. Anne’s – Human Resources
155 N. Occidental Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Fax: (213) 385-1533

Via email:

You may send your resume as a part of the body of your e-mail or attach it as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.

Once a resume or application is submitted to St. Anne’s it is screened and processed. PLEASE DO NOT CALL to inquire about the status of your resume. If you are deemed a good fit for any of our current openings, we will contact you for an interview.

Please note, St. Anne’s conducts a physical, including tuberculosis and drug screen; fingerprinting and background check which includes Child Abuse Index, FBI and Department of Justice, as well as reference checks.

Thank you for your interest in St. Anne’s!


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