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Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Summer conjures up images of vacations, beaches, and barbecues. But summer at St. Anne’s is a hotbed of activity!

In summer 2016, St. Anne’s is busier than ever. We expanded our Wraparound Approach Services program to a new location in the Crenshaw District in South Los Angeles. This expansion will enable staff to provide crisis intervention and mental health services to even more families, eventually doubling the number served annually. This is an important new location for St. Anne’s because many young women move back to South L.A. when they leave our residential programs. From this location, we can help them continue to rebuild their lives, in addition to assisting other families in crisis.

Also, summer is recruiting season for St. Anne’s Early Learning Centers. Each year, we say farewell to healthy, happy children who are on the way to their next big adventure in kindergarten. That means our hardworking staff must conduct outreach to fill nearly 400 slots in our early childhood education program each summer.

Staff aren’t the only ones working hard. Young mothers in our Residential Treatment and Transitional Housing programs are taking classes in summer school or learning workplace skills in paid internships. Others have jobs that are helping them increase their self-sufficiency.

Thank you for continuing to support our important work. I wish you and your family a happy summer.




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