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Meet Jorge Alcocer, Food Services Manager


Favorite parts of this job? My colleagues. I really feel like part of a family here, and we all support one another. Another favorite thing is my monthly meeting with the Resident Council, which is made up of the 13- to18-year-old moms in our Residential Treatment Program. They can be brutally honest, or sometimes just plain brutal, but I actually appreciate the criticism. Their feedback motivates me to improve and try new recipes.

Best day you’ve ever had at work? After one of those difficult meetings, I’ll have a day when everything goes smoothly and the residents actually compliment my food. To me, this is a perfect day.

What do you look forward to accomplishing in the future? We recently planted a vegetable garden on campus, and I envision that expanding. It’s been a team effort because sometimes my kitchen staff gets too busy to tend to the garden, but the maintenance crew will always make sure to water it and keep everything healthy. I also hope to spearhead many more ideas about our four areas of food service: residential, early childhood, cafeteria, and conference center.

What does St. Anne’s mean to you? Line cook at St. Anne’s was basically the first kitchen job I had (other than McDonald’s when I was 16!). I started in 2007 and left briefly for a desk job. I quickly realized that I wanted to return to St. Anne’s. Having no formal training, this place has been like my school. I have had so many incredible mentors, from my predecessors to senior division directors. St. Anne’s has really offered me growth, support, and amazing experiences.




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