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Records Retention Policy

Records Retention Policy

Effective Date: 9/25/2013; Revised Date:


St. Anne’s will fully and accurately maintain all agency-related records, data and information.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the agency complies with all applicable federal, state, local laws, regulations and funder requirements concerning records retention and destruction.


Records, data and information are considered agency assets and are to be valued and managed accordingly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. As such, St. Anne’s will take the following steps to ensure the complete and accurate management and maintenance of agency records, data and information:

          1. Records and documents will include paper, electronic files (including e-mail) and voicemail records, regardless of where the document is stored, including network servers, desktops or laptop computers and handheld computers and other wireless devices with text messaging capabilities.
          2. All Employees will be responsible for the proper creation, management and storage of agency records and information.
          3. Each year, St. Anne’s will review retained records for determination of retention and disposal requirements.
            1. St. Anne’s Senior Management Team, Directors and Department Heads will conduct this review of records in their possession in accordance with the established schedule.
            2. A list of records proposed to be subject to destruction will be presented to the President and CEO or his/her designee, and disposed of as instructed.
          4. Records and information are confidential and proprietary property or assets of the agency and may be made available outside the agency only with the appropriate authorization and after consideration of the interests of the agency and the young women and children served.
          5. All agency records will be retained in accordance with St. Anne’s Records Retention Schedule (CLICK HERE to download) and subject to all applicable laws and regulations. 
          6. All Employees will comply with the retention periods set forth in St. Anne’s Records Retention Schedule.
          7. All records will be destroyed upon the conclusion of their retention period.
          8. Records identified as subject to threatened of actual litigation, subpoena, an audit or a government investigation will be suspended from destruction and held.


All records suspended will not be destroyed until they are released by written notification of the President and CEO.